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They call me Mother

They call me Mother

Becoming a mother was the easy part. I fell in love with this nice bloke and we decided to have a baby. No problem! Not that falling pregnant was that straightforward but lucky for us it did happen and then hey presto, this little baby boy with huge brown eyes suddenly appeared in our house as if he’d been there all along, invisible and quietly waiting off to the side until someone came along with a fat crayon and coloured him in, rendering him real and vivid and squally.

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Start where you are

compass crop 3

Let’s face it, starting the big stuff is never easy.

You know you’re ready to go. You’ve done the ground work. You’re prepared. You’re pepped. You’re pumped. Then you gaze up at that mountain-yet-to-be-climbed, summit smirking in the sunlight, impressive and majestic as fuck, and your freshly minted resolve evaporates like morning dew in the hot sun and before you know it, a king tide of overwhelm floods in and you’re hightailing it outta there quick smart. Continue Reading