I’m Emma.Emma

I’m a freelance writer and wonderfully rested* mother of three emerging blinking into the blogosphere after six years in the baby-making vortex. Six years people.

This True North is my white flag of resurrection, my zombie hand thrusting up from the earth. These are tales from the brink. Often the brink of exhaustion and frustration true, but also the brink of ideas and insight, of creative rebirth and reinvention, the brink of return.

Motherhood is part of this story. This gargantuan role that has challenged me and shaped me, that is overwhelming and relentless and awesome – it’s an essential part but it’s not the whole picture.

Writing and creativity is also a big part. Huge. Massive. The half-written novels, the bulging journals, the fat notebooks jammed with stories and characters and snappy dialogue and killer first acts (now if only I could RESOLVE some shit) are all a testament to that. But for a while there, the only thing I wrote was a shopping list. A desolate state of affairs. But not any more.

I like to write. And This True North is where I like to write it.

I write to make sense of things, to make connections and create community. I write about creativity and writing and making stuff; about family and motherhood and identity. I write about whatever is resonating with me at the time really. In fact, I can’t write unless it does. I sincerely hope some of it might resonate with you too.

So hello you, oh gorgeous, wise, creative thinker that you are (yes I can tell). How wonderful that you’re here in my humble abode. Thank you for stopping by, let’s hang out a while. I’d love to hear all about you so please feel free to leave a comment and say hello. Or better still, jump on the list here for the best blog posts straight to your inbox from me to you.

And in case you’re wondering, here is a great place to get stuck in. See you in there.

*I can’t even